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  • Kaushik Majumdar

Inspiration for the name

The name KKINSUGI has been inspired by the Japanese philosophy (often spelt as Kintsugi). In short, when a ceramic artefact breaks, the Japanese have a practice of putting the pieces back together instead of throwing the artefact. However, when they join the pieces back, they use gold. This does not let the cracks disappear -- instead the cracks are enriched with gold. The value of the artefact in turn actually goes up rather than diminish due to the cracks. The philosophy being beauty in imperfection.

In life we are also broken several times, in many ways. These cracks, in fact, make us the person we are. The idea is not to hide those cracks but instead to proudly carry those as our imperfections.

Organizations too go through their own cracks (failures). These are what make them what they are. The idea is to be conscious about these imperfections that make them what they become.

We, KKINSUGI, help in bringing out this beauty through the imperfections organizations evolve through. We help organizations go through this experience and transform. This transformation is the essence of our logo. And we do all of this with agility and with responsibility -- and we have the courage to stand by our values, to stand by our philosophy.

We follow the same principles for our team. We hire based on the failures people have experienced in their lives -- and through nurturing, help them grow into beautiful people.

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