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Our Services


We assist foreign companies while setting up legal entities in India. These can be wholly-owned subsidiaries or other formats like joint ventures. We provide assistance end-to-end – from legal entity set up to location study, from physical infrastructure to team building, from process setup to creating maturity roadmap, from global operating model to scale up. We also take up transformational assignments – taking an organization through an inflection point or transforming south-bound operations – assisting the client team in the change management and transformation journey.

Offshore Development Centre

We set up development centers for clients and manage the setup and delivery. These can be in flexible models based on the client’s needs and preferences. The models can range from black-box (with complete accountability and no overhead for the client) to white-box (with total transparency and inclusion of the client).


We work with clients toward their Robotic Process Automation needs. We work across RPA tools – Automation Anywhere, UI Path, and others.

Managed IT Solutions

We provide IT solutions and services to organizations. The areas we specialize in are BFSI, Website development, Retail, Data analytics. We also have niche teams for  

  • UX/UI,

  • AI/ML,

  • Data Engineering,

  • Digital marketing


We provide talent with specific technology and leadership skills to bridge our clients’ talent gaps. These are usually long-term arrangements.

& Training

We have a team of senior, highly experienced trainers that provide training on technical and some specialized topics like Design Thinking, Data Analytics, Information Security, and Artificial Intelligence.

KKINSUGI is envisioned to be a strategic partner for our clients’ technology related needs. We have a range of services and solutions all focused on this single goal. The entity along with its associated entities (yes, we are part of a group of entities that form a holistic ecosystem) has been set up by a team of executive and senior level leaders from the finance and technology spaces with global exposure with Fortune 500 companies. We specialize in the finance space – wealth management, asset management, banking, insurance, financial education, learning & development.

We have the rich backing of a set of marquee customers including LIC Mutual Fund, Capgemini, Aegon Life, Protean (erstwhile NSDL e-Governance), Kotak Finance, Mahindra Finance, Axis Bank, and so on. Apart from these, we have provided consulting to a number of start-ups in their set-up as well as scale-up phases.

In addition, we have also forged strategic alliances with the likes of BSE, NSE, LIC Mutual Fund, ASG Technologies, and Exponential AI.



Kaushik Majumdar

Inspiration for the name

We are inspired by the philosophy of “kintsugi” (literally, to join with gold) that is a Japanese art form in which they join back broken ceramic pieces using gold instead of glue. This enhances the cracks instead of hiding them, and in turn enhances the value of the item. The item is now more beautiful, more precious, and unique for having been broken.


We bring the same philosophy and believe your organization can be uniquely beautiful and precious for having failed in your own way. It is indeed your opportunity for a transformation if at first an attempt has failed.


We encourage you to celebrate failure, flaws, and missteps – and leverage them to become better.